I love travelling. And maybe, in some weird way, I love planning trips even more. I’m always either planning a trip or lusting after luxury, dream destinations that I cannot currently afford. On my “next trip” bucket list, is a yoga retreat, or five. If time and money were no object, these are the retreats I’d be signing up for:

1. Yoga Girl – Yoga Retreat In Bonaire

Rachel Brathen - Bonaire Yoga Retreat_opt (1)

While it kind of feels like I already know Rachel Brathen because of her open heart and virtually 24/7 social media feed, I would luurrrrve to spend time with her live and in person. This retreat pairs about 30 yogis with Yoga girl herself, and keeps you busy with yoga practice, eating vegetables, hanging out in the ocean, dancing, and talking all things spiritual.

2. Yoga, Goals, And Digital Detox In Gorgeous Colorado

Shake That Asana - Yoga, Goals, And Digital Detox In Gorgeous Colorado

I don’t know a lot about Lindsay Roselle, but she had me at “Rocky Mountains, yoga, whiskey, s’mores, stargazing, hiking, and an incredible group of entrepreneurial women coming together for personal growth and connection.”

This retreat seems to have been planned with me in mind. Two yoga practices a day, “coaching and educational sessions for personal and business growth,” SUP, hiking, campfires, stargazing, and a photo shoot! Eeeep. Plus there’s a digital detox component which sounds like exactly what I need.

3. Light Watkins – Meditation & Rounding Retreat In Bali

Shake That Asana - Light Watkins Meditation Retreat

I first “met” Light Walkins on the Rich Roll Podcast and promised myself that someday I’d find a way to attend one of his retreats. Last year, we flirted with attending a New Years Eve session in Costa Rica that looked absolutely perfect.

Now he’s offering a Labour Day luxury retreat in Bali. Yoga, massages, meditation, and a customized mantra from Light… all things I probably can’t live without. My only concern is that it’s a caffeine free week, and well, coffee is also on the list of things I cannot live without…

4. Rich Roll & Julie Piatt – Plantpower Tuscany Retreat

I’m only mildly obsessed with Rich Roll. After having been introduced to his podcast last summer, I’ve listened to hundreds of hours and transitioned to being a vegetarian and a have had few runs at being vegan too.

I’d put his podcast in the “life changing” categegory. And while there are never enough women featured among his guests, Julie Piatt, yoga teacher, spiritual guide, musician, and his partner, is a staple feature of the show. Now Rich & Julie are hosting retreats – the first (of many I hope) is in Tuscany and is being billed as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform your life, reset your path, dial up your plate, unlock your creativity, connect with your authentic voice and cultivate your best relationship with yourself, your partner and the world.”

5. Couples Cleansing Yoga Retreat

Shake That Asana - Couples Cleansing Yoga Retreat

By following a rabbit hole of hyperlinks from a recipe somewhere, I stumbled upon this beauty of a dream vacation. For starters it’s on Hawaii’s Big Island, one of my favourite places on the planet. It’s a couples cleansing yoga retreat that teaches you how to make amazing raw vegan food, communicate better and nurture your relationship(s), and generally get in touch with yourself and the world around you.

You get to hang out with your partner, do yoga, swim and snorkel and hike and drink green juice… if that’s not the definition of paradise, I don’t know what is…

What do you think? Wanna go with me? Have any dream trips or retreats of your own? Share them!