Every now and then a girl needs a soul-stirring, creativity-recharging, fun-filled weekend away. Not only is it easy for me to deprioritize my creative pursuits, it’s easy to get creatively dampened doing the same things with the same people in the same places for too long a stretch of time.

After a topsy-turvey, emotionally draining start to 2016, this was exactly what the doctor ordered for me. And I was fortunate enough to grab my favourite doctor-in-training and head west. Destination: Las Vegas.

Some of you may be like, fuck ya, Vegas is the perfect place to reboot and recharge. And some of you may be like, really? Vegas?? And the answer is: Yes! Vegas is brimming with opportunities to live, laugh, and love. To unshackle and unzip the expectations and responsibilities of real life, and just feel… reignited.

Here’s how we shook things up in Sin City:

Get Your Heart Pumping

Shake That Asana - Las Vegas Creative Weekend

Swim, dance, walk (everywhere), hit the gym, jump for joy, take a selfie, repeat. When the purpose of your trip is to open your mind, set fire to your creativity, and have fun, you’ll find a physical element naturally finds it’s way into your itinerary.

Nothing feels better than burning off that layer of discontent and lethargy that somehow settles on your spirit during a long period of “real life”. When the weather is perfect, the hotel gyms are first class, the fitspo on point, and the opportunities for “exercise” somehow consist of twerking, pole dancing, and hot hot yoga, the best way to get your heart pumping is simply to follow your heart.

Get People Watching

Shake That Asana - Las Vegas Ferris Wheel

If you’ve ever been to Vegas you know the people watching is nothing short of spectacular. In one room or stretch of sidewalk you’ll be surrounded by someone in a wedding dress, a bandage dress, a swim suit, and track pants.

Every age and creed and walk of life is represented here. With so many differences, attitudes, opinions, and priorities swirling around, taking it all in (judgment free!) is the perfect breeding ground for creative revival.

Get Art Smart

Shake That Asana - Las Vegas Aria Light Exhibit

Some of the most amazing art is hanging on hotel walls up and down the strip. You can see Andy Warhol at Aria and Yoko Ono at Cosmo.

But don’t stop there. We hit up Louis Vuitton’s largest flagship store at the Crystal Mall for a next-level art exhibit. Unmarked and unadvertised, they have 4 art installations on display, the most notable being the Akhob exhibit by James Turrell.

Designed to simulate the feeling a pilot gets when the clear blue sky and landmark-less ocean merge to create a horizonless world, you walk into a giant white, round-ish room and the lights change and fade and literally blow your mind as you lose track of depth and colour and your place in space.

Bonus: It’s free but you have to book an appointment at least 2 weeks in advance.

Get Made Up

make over at MAC

In the book “Big Magic” Liz Gilbert reminds us that, “you can’t show up in your housecoat and hope for romance.” This is so true in life, and I think we’ve all experienced that if you look good you feel good. Vegas is the perfect place to ditch your athleisure and amp up your style. It’s 100% appropriate to rock big hair and full make and your best clothes for both daytime and nighttime events.

My vote: get your buns to MAC and a Drybar and get everything done up before you get turnt up. I promise you, we felt an injection of energy when you know you look like a million bucks.

Get Out To See A Show

Shake That Asana - Get Out

It’s redundant to say that there are countless entertainment options available in Vegas. Whether you’re a Britney, Elton, Calvin, or Cirque kinda person, there’s a show or performance waiting for you.

We saw a Britney Spears concert. I’m not a die-hard Britney fan, and it was a far cry from a Beyonce concert, but it was a lot of fun. It’s always creatively sparking to see art in the making, (yes, I’m calling it art!) and she and her dancers really do put it all out there (literally and figuratively).

I have a girlfriend who saw O and she still literally cries when she talks about it because it was so beautiful and creatively stirring.

Shake That Asana - Get Ice Cream

Get Ice Cream For Dinner

There are so many amazing food options. Whether you’re looking to binge at a buffet, go super upscale, detox, or just throw away the notion that you’ve gotta eat 3 squares a day… you can do it here. Case in point – a 2-man deep-fried Oreo sundae, because why the hell not?

Get Zappified

Kristy At Zappos Campus

For $10 you can tour the Zappos campus in DTLV. Employees in pajamas, ball pit meeting rooms, free soda and snacks, discount coffee, and enough chachke to drown a small town, were all on full display. Stories of customer service reps sending cookies and flowers and signed McNabb jerseys to customers “just because” were ample and enthusiastically regaled. We left thinking in equal measure – how do they afford all of that?? People actually get to work here??

It’s a different kind of creative. One that feels a bit more applicable to your everyday life. and one that plants the seeds of ideas for how to zappify your own life and work space.

If you’re looking to get away and come back not just feeling well rested, but feeling creatively zested, than Vegas is your place. There are likely 100 other things I could add to this list, which means you can visit and revisit and repeat or replace items from your itinerary so that it never gets boring.