You may be asking yourself what yoga has to do with creativity in the first place. And my answer is simple: everything.

Yoga is creativity and curiosity personified.

It’s the practice of being curious about your body, your mind, your experience in the world, and the larger forces at play in the universe.

Yoga is also about creating space in your body and mind.

It’s about clearing out the clutter and helping you feel alive in this life. It’s also the way to build a container that can hold and support your creative pursuits. It’s the act of establishing your true self at the center of yourself. Helping you build the confidence and secure the permission to unlock your silly, happy, outlandish creativity.

Yoga is all about accepting oneself with kindness and truth.

It’s about living this life like it counts. About not judging yourself or others, and about tuning in to a frequency where who you are and what you have is enough. Yoga is about freeing parts of your personality or life that have been hidden away, plastered and painted over from years of fitting in and being quiet and playing safe. The practice of yoga is like a home renovation for your true self. Tearing down the partitions, cleaning up the mould, exposing those beautiful old beams, and architecting a safe, clean, beautiful space to house your heart and true desires.

Now this both is and isn’t the yoga you may recognize from lululemon.

The physical asana practice is an awesome way to clear your head, to build confidence and fill your well. It in itself can be a deeply spiritual practice or a more physical one, both of which will help you reconnect with your creativity.

But yoga is so much more than that. It’s a guidebook for living healthily, happily, kindly, and meaningfully in this world. It provides a code for social behaviour, personal care, learning, loving & connecting with the divine – God, the universe, your higher self – whatever that means to you.

How yoga has helped me…

For me, yoga has helped me better understand how my thoughts, my inner narrative, effect every aspect of my personal and professional development – especially my creative pursuits which I’ve often deemed as a lesser priority or something outside of my reach.

It’s helped me plug into the fact that thoughts become things. And that if I spend all my time entertaining thoughts about how I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t already been said, or that I’m a fake, or that I’m not a good enough writer, then guess what…

It’s helped me understand the importance of action. Of getting comfortable with discomfort, and with self-doubt (all super scary concepts that I still battle with every minute on and off the mat).

It’s also helped me get physically strong(er). Giving me the confidence to face the world and push myself and feel proud of myself for achieving things that I didn’t know I could.

You’re just doing yoga for exercise?

Now, yoga to you may only be a form of exercise. Or something you’ve never tried. Not to worry, I was there once too. And where you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be, so no need to stress that you’re not a “yogi” because guess what? You are. Every time you practice gratitude, meditate, pray, tell the people you love how you feel, forgive someone who’s wronged you. Every time you do these things you’re practicing yoga. Cool right?

Today’s decisions are tomorrows reality. So, I encourage you to right now step away from the computer (but come back real soon ☺ ) and get your buns into a yoga class, or pick up Autobiography of a yogi or spend the next three minutes in silence. And let me know if you feel creatively charged when you’re done.